Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My First Publication

This is a paper that I wrote in Ethics class and submitted to the APA's Graduate Student Ethics Prize competition. I didn't win the trip to Hawaii, but it is being published along with the winner and one or two other significant papers.

Conflict Between Religious Commitment and Same-Sex Attraction:
Possibilities for a Virtuous Response

In Press: Ethics and Behavior (Journal)


This paper addresses the treatment of individuals who experience conflict between their religious convictions and their same-sex attraction. Recently, attention has been drawn to the ethical issues involved in the practice of sexual reorientation therapy (SRT) with such conflicted individuals. This paper reviews the ethical arguments for and against SRT through the lens of the general ethical principles of the American Psychological Association’s (2002) ethics code. Practitioners are then challenged to think about how they might respond virtuously (Meara, Schmidt and Day, 1996) when presented with such a client. Thought questions are presented to assist therapists to develop in virtue while working with religious clients who are conflicted about same-sex desire.


Blogger sushi the shark said...

dude, i can't believe it's you!!! look at you all grown up... i must say your blog is rather long... it'll take me quite a bit of time to read this stuff, but i'll give it a try...

i can't believe you're a dad...

anyway, man, i'll keep checking in...

i hope you're still playing guitar... there is yet time to be a rock star too :)

3:29 PM  
Anonymous sunshine said...

persuing your thanks for referring me here. i'll keep checking on you. plus, it's probably good for me to read this - as it's been awhile since i've read anything academic...been busy being a mom!

9:58 AM  

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