Saturday, July 01, 2006

This blogger's personality.

Only six people, so far, have responded to my request to rate my personality based on my blog. Turns out that this was enough for a demonstration anyway. There were ten questions, five displaying the positive direction of the personality trait and five the negative direction.

Neuroticism - is the level of emotional reactivity of a person, primarily negative emotions.

Extraversion - is the level of sociability and positive emotionality a person has. People high on extraversion also have a lot of energy.

Openness to Experience - this factor has to do with willingness to experience the world. creativity and imagination Intelligence are part of this. Some tests use political liberalness as a proxy for this factor, which is why people like me get widely variant results on different tests of the big 5. (Some tests of the five factors divide them up onto facets - I'm high on all of the facets except liberalness.)

Agreeableness - this factor is about being friendly, cooperative, and warm. Low scorers tend to be agressive and cynical. Being too high on Agreeableness has its drawbacks too, because these people tend to allow others to take advantage of them.

Conscientiousness - this facet has to do with being reliable, diligent, careful and rule oriented.
The first graph is a depiction of your average ratings of me and my own self-ratings (done before I asked y'all.) You can see that a similar pattern is evident, but there is some disagreement.

I standardized the scores (z score) which makes both scales more comperable. It uses the average rating as a baseline, so that you can see how each score falls relative to that average. This allows my self-ratings and your ratings of me to be compared.

When standardized, you can really see that we agreed about my level of Extraversion and Openness to Experience, but we were most off on Conscientious.

You're perception of my Agreeableness is lower both in absolute terms and when standardized.

Having given you some basic feedback, next time I will answer Solarbloggers comments about testing in the practice of psychology.


Anonymous Theophilia said...

I suspect that agreeableness may be difficult to assess in an online environment. By the way, what measure did you use for the self-rating?

10:58 AM  
Blogger Kletos Sumboulos said...

I did the self-rating on the same 10 item adaptation that I put on-line. When I get back to the office on Wednesday, I'll put up a graph with my NEO-PI-R generated scores.

6:36 PM  

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