Friday, August 12, 2005

Augsburg Evangelical bloggers have changed my life.

With the departure of the Beggars All gentlemen from active blogging (may God speed their return), I have had opportunity to think about the influence of blogs on my life as a Christian. I first happened upon the Boars Head Tavern when my wife and I had recently joined a Lutheran congregation as a compromise between her native Roman Catholicism and my confused ecumenical background. The conversation at the BHT was quite similar to the late night conversations I had during college with my reformed friends (occasionally over a draught). Josh S. was posting there (the first time) when I was also a barmate. Despite the danger of possibly making his head asplode I will say this of Josh, I am indebted to him for modeling to me how a Confessional Lutheran thinks and pointing me toward Christ. I've since had the same experience of other confessional Lutherans on the web. To read the comments on these blogs one would think that Confessional Lutherans are the most rejecting of souls. Not so! We are concerned for the purity of doctrine but I am much more at peace with the eternal home of my deceased Roman Catholic family members as an Augsburg Evangelical than was ever possible as a confused ecumenicist. The God of Luther is both immanent and transcendent truely, a balance that I didn’t find in RC or Reformed theology (though Reformed theology did teach me how to fear God again).

I have a question for the Confessional Lutherans on the web: Where is our Credenda/Agenda, our R.C. Sproul, our St. Anne's Pub? Issues Etc. is great, but were is all the other teaching/exploratory stuff that you find all over the net from the Reformed folks?


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