Monday, February 27, 2006

Cage Stage Lutheran?

The term Cage Stage has been coined to describe people who have recently accepted the tenets of Reformed theology. According to some, it would be better if such individuals were locked in a cage for a time, because they are dangerous otherwise - gallivanting about, arguing TULIP with any poor wretch with little to no moderation or compassion.

Is there such as thing as a Cage Stage Lutheran? I am one? Further, should I ask my supervisor to kindly commit me for the duration of this malady? Surely the teachings of vocation, two kingdoms and the Theology of the Cross are not applicable to all of my counseling cases? That's statistically improbable! Surely, I did not suggest to a client that seeking out the Lord's Supper was a way to actually be close to Jesus, rather than merely feel close to Him.

I've only been a Lutheran for a couple of years, and much of that time was in a congregation that was heavily influenced by pop evangelicalism. Insofar as I am a confessional Lutheran, it has been because of my contact with UAC bloggers who have shown me the power of Lutheran teaching, taught me the practical side of being a Christian, challenged me, and showed me the way to the good life. I am now attending a church that makes the grade.

So, shall I be locked away lest I get a tattoo of Martin on my chest? After all, I'm making trinkets with Latin phrases to give to unsuspecting therapy clients. There's just something unnatural about this.

It's hard to tell if one is annoying from the inside. It helps to have objective corroboration.

You make the call.


Blogger CPA said...

Isn't the cage stager the guy who goes around deliberately boozing in front of his teetotalling Baptist grandma just to see her reaction?

So far your symptoms seem mild.

9:45 PM  
Blogger Joe Fremer said...

I don't know about cage stage. Makes me think of experimental musician John Cage. My usual phrase for what you describe is:
"To a guy with a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

10:18 PM  

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