Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Metallica and Mark 9

Metallica's song One is a first-person narriative of a person who has been mutilated in a land-mine explosion. He has lost sight, hearing, speech and all of his limbs. He is conscious of pain and darkness, a living hell. It occurs to me that this is exactly what I would look like if I took Mark 9:43-47 literally. Oh, I'd probably have to start with a Galatians 5:12. But then, this wouldn't really get rid of the sin from my heart, which Christ has said is sin indeed (Matthew 5). So, maybe an orbital-frontal lobotomy would also be in order. Probably not radical enough. I think I'd have to aim for a 'persistant vegetative state.'

Christ could sure preach the law. Mark 9:43-47 is a stark passage that reminds me how really awful sin is in God's sight.


Blogger solarblogger said...

But you have to remember the sins of omission of which you would be guilty if you did all that!

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