Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Reformation Over? - The Quiz

Put an E next to those issues (whatever your position) for which you would Die.
Put a BE next to those items for which you would Divide.
Put an A next to those items that are okay to disagree about.
Add other issues to the list as necessary. Post on your blog and let me know.

Divinity of Jesus
Literal Resurrection
Full Humanity of Jesus
Nature of the Lords Supper
Common Cup
Disposable Cups at Communion
Nature of Baptism
Age of Baptism
Mode of Baptism (sprinkling or dunking)
Necessity of Holy Spirit Baptism
Ordination of Women
Ordination of Homosexual people
Sacramental Marriage
Virgin birth
Perpetual virginity of Mary
Authority of Scripture
Authority of Tradition
Inerrancy of Scripture
Use of Images in worship
Contemporary music in worship
Specific translation of Scripture
Baptismal Regeneration
Decisional Regeneration
Supralapsarianism/Infralapsariansim (order of decrees)
Human nature after the Fall
Nature of the Atonement
One Person, two Natures
The Filioque
Church Membership for Practicing Homosexual people
Primacy of the Word
Playing Cards
Premarital Sex
Postmarital Sex
Healing continues
Tongues continue
Literal Hell
Literal Devil
The Rapture
Apocrypha (inclusion in Canon)
James (inclusion in Canon)
Revelation (inclusion in Canon)
Private Confession
Burial versus Cremation
Entire Sanctification

Listening to the new White Horse Inn for Reformation Sunday, I had an idea that what Dr. Noll and Mike Horton were disagreeing about was in essence, where to draw the line of Essence. Dr. Noll was saying that the Catholic Church now says things that sound very much like our Reformation heroes while popular American Christianity has gone Pelagian, therefore the Reformation is over. Horton was saying that Rome has yet to concede the Solas and therefore the Reformation continues. I think this has to do with where one draws the line between the Esse, Bene Esse and Adiaphora of the Church. Let's use this definition: Esse are the sine qua non of the Church, the difference between Christianity and Cult. The Bene Esse are crucial elements of the Church life - elements that we would divide over, and that lead souls astray - however within such Churches (properly so called) believers may be found - because of the power of the gospel. Adiaphora are things about which it is okay, and even healthy to disagree about.


Blogger Orycteropus Afer said...

Great thoughts. I promise to make my list and check it twice. In the meantime, please accept my props and the offer of a Golden Aardvark.

3:44 PM  
Blogger Orycteropus Afer said...

I finally completed your assigned task.

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Byron said...

Thought-provoking! I took the test (is there a prize for getting everything right?):


12:09 AM  

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