Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Working behavior of the common Male Beta

My wife got me a fish tank for Christmas that includes a full office working environment for the fish: desk and computer, executive chair, office plant, filing cabinet, trashcan. What better gift for a budding vocational psychologist? I did just realize that I have doomed my Beta to the living hell of never being able to leave the office! Actually, he is not a good representation of the quality of "satisfactoriness" (the corollary of satisfaction - the organization's satisfaction with the worker) in that he is constantly shirking his duties...hiding behind the filing cabinet or hanging out under the desk...he rarely even touches his computer.
Help me out, what would be a good scriptural symbol of work or labor? Perhaps the ant. Any others?


Blogger Petersen said...

Historically the bee or a beehive symbolized Christian duty.

2:12 PM  

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