Thursday, April 13, 2006

Living room fellowship

My wife, daughter and I were invited to dinner at the home of some fellow bloggers whose church our family has recently invaded. The evening consisted of solid conversation, a delicious meal, good wine, and well behaved children. I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant evening. Despite having read their blog forever, I feel I learned a great deal about our hosts. We psychology types can tell you all about the percentage of meaning from conversation that is lost in written text because it is carried in the tone of voice, body language, etc., but there is something that transcends mere mutual understanding that is lost on the internet. Blogging is wonderful in that those of us who care about the same things can connect and dialog over hundreds and thousands of miles, but there's nothing like living-room fellowship.


Blogger Devona said...

Nothing like well behaved kids. ;-)

11:27 AM  

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