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So, how often does something like this happen in the LCMS? It seems as if someone is recalling the Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions version of the Book of Concord. I haven't been around long enough to see this sort of thing before. On the one hand, I'm glad someone is making sure that our confessional documents are properly presented and not misleading. On the other hand, I tend to trust McCain and Veith - two of the editors (the other two I know nothing about).
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Blogger CPA said...

This is very disappointing. I've seen some of the reviews of people criticizing the translation, and yeah, they seem to have a point. I'm annoyed that the editors didn't do a careful enough job to make sure it was "above reproach." At the same time, I am not surprised that the critics seem to have no interest in really getting the Book of Concord into the hands of the laity themselves: that might make them a little to confessional, right?

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Anonymous Defensor said...

Check the facts first please.

The edition was reviewed by multiple individuals and ... reviewed by a Synodical doctrial reviewer who passed it and approved it.

The report on the book indicates there is NOTHING in the book that disagrees with the Bible and the Lutheran Confessions: zip, nada, zilch.

Improvements to the book will be welcome, but yanking its doctrinal certification was entirely unwarranted and unjustified.

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Anonymous Michael James Hill said...

A couple of comments. First, one does not have to be a subscriber to DayStar, Jesus First, or at all sympathetic to Benke to object to the McCain Edition of the BoC. Secondly, it is false to assume that all critics of the McCain Edition oppose puting the BoC in lay hands. The McCain Edition has some very serious shortcomings and on several levels is misleading. This was documented early on in my short article in Gottesdienst, Michaelmas 2005.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Kletos Sumboulos said...

Previous comment has been removed becuase it featuted a character attack by an anonymous poster.

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Anonymous Michael James Hill said...

Perhaps I am presuming too much, but because mine is the only signed comment I suspect Kletos Sumboulos has done me a favor and the character attacked was mine. Of course, becuase ad hominim arguements are largely unpleasent and unproductive, KS has also done himself a favor. Doing the honorable thing is both pleasant and productive.

Any one who wishes to take issue with my statement on the McCain Edition can write to me at, that is if SK does not mind giving out my address.

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