Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Book of Daniel

My wife gets a kick out of my reaction to every TV commercial with a religious theme. The most recent of which is the new series called the Book of Daniel. Apparently the American Family Association isn't happy with the show, despite the fact that none of them have seen it yet. I almost welcome a show (note the qualifier) about a non-perfect Christian. 7th Heaven (one my my wife's favorites) give me the dry heaves. So now I briefly review my favorite and least favorite media portrayals of Christians/Christ.

The Life of Brian (B) - When this movie came out, many Christian people were jumping up and down about it being blasphemous. I don't think it was. There were a couple of really crappy parts (the rescue by spacecraft and the ending) but overall it was pretty funny. My theological take? It' s about our natural desire to follow something, made in our own image.

7th Heaven (D) - Crap. Absolutely no gospel and no Christ. Not that I expected either, but there are scenes of sermons by the father (local minister) and they are pure smarm. There have been a couple of times that I have jumped up from my post behind the computer to shout at the television, "do it, the Gospel, right now, don't be a %@#!@, etc..." again, to my wife's infinite amusement.

John Dominic Crossan (F) - Why, when the major networks need an expert, do they call in JDC?Yes, they usually do get someone to be a counterpoint (but usually someone I have never heard of, and then they edit unmercifully) but this guy has been totally overplayed. My wife turned on one the other night about Christmas for me, because she knows I enjoy pointing out what they fail to mention, but I couldn't take it. Why can't they call R. C. Sproul or Kenneth E. Bailey as a counterpoint?

Revelations (C) - Recent miniseries featuring Bill Pullman that tried to capitalize on everyone's fascination with the secret, scary Vatican. My wife got an earfull when they would have the little black-screen-with-white-text scripture quotation before every commercial break. It's like they have a short book called Spooky Ominous and otherwise Indecipherable Scripture Readings for the Year. Nevermind that they are in every way less so when put in CONTEXT. When I thought they were portraying the Second Coming of our Lord Christ as an infant I believe I ranted something like "He's already come in humility, He's coming back with a giant (unremembered expletive) sword!"

Dogma (B) - Kevin Smith tries to work in the same spooky vein, while still making something funny. The whole "Catholicism - Wow!" campaign makes me laugh, exactly becuase it wouldn't be funny with a protestant denomination (already been there).

Clearly this is not an exhaustive list, just what came to mind. I think I wait until I've seen an episode of the Book of Daniel before I make any pronouncements, that is unless I miss it becuase there is something else more interesting on, say an episode of House.


Anonymous Sunshine said...

House! I knew there had to be other people who loved that show.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous spiral notes said...

7th Heaven: Why the surprise?! Are
they not just reflecting what is preached in most Mainline and Evangelical churches, i.e. Episcopal and many others (Mo. Synod not included)??!!

2:45 PM  
Blogger Matthew Popovits said...

Freakin' genius. Love the list.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Bob Waters said...

Watch it- and give us your review.

10:29 PM  

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