Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Mass (Roman)

A downside of having Roman Catholic inlaws is that, because there are more of them that there are of us, invariably we end up having to go to Mass on the high holy days. I'm dying for someone to tell me, "Christ is Risen!" so I can respond, "He is Risen Indeed!" I'm glad that Easter is a season, not just a one-shot deal like in American church.

I wanted to apply the Wilken test to the homily preached by the Deacon, but my daughter and niece both zeroed in on me for attention, so my notes are not the best. It certainly acknowledged the physical resurrection of our Lord Christ. The focus seemed to be on the eyewitnesses and us as the new witnesses to Christ's resurrection. There was a segue into talking about how 6 people had joined the congregation and they did so because those who were already a part of the church were witnesses that it was worth doing. There was a focus on continuing to be the kind of people that others are drawn toward, including being a merciful people, a kind people, etc. He contrasted a view of Easter as a celebration of budding and growing with the words, "New life is through, with and in our God."

He also discussed the return of joy, liturgically noted with the return of Alleluia.

Overall, clear affirmation that Christ is Risen. However, seemed to focus too much on the Church as those with the message rather what the message means.

A final observation: I'm always most struck at the emphasis on the "sacrifice at your hands" when I go to RC Mass.


Blogger solarblogger said...

"Christ is Risen!"

(I know. It works better in person.)

1:46 AM  
Blogger Devona said...

I thought that was where you were. ;)

I got my Jewish stepmom and my (lapsed) Catholic father to come up from Cinci to come to church for Easter.

If we were having a contest, I'd win.

11:21 AM  
Blogger Kletos Sumboulos said...

He is Risen Indeed!
Thank you Solarblogger.

Devona, you certainly would win. That's gotta be some fun. Speaking of Jews, my daughter went to some amusement park on Sunday with the inlaws and rode a rollercoaster with some Hassidic people. I don't think she wished them a Happy Easter though.

11:29 AM  
Blogger John said...

What is "the Wilken test?"

9:42 PM  

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