Friday, May 19, 2006

Job Interview

I had a job interview this week for an Adjunct Professor position.
Since I spent so much time working with interviewers, I didn't think I would be as nervous as I was. Turns out that the program is in most need of someone to be a research coordinator and teach statistics. I downloaded a copy of my transcripts and counted stats courses:


...if you count test theory and research design classes which are fundamentally related in my mind.

Internship is making my mind soggy. I had almost forgot that I took an entire course on Expoloratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis. Probably won't help me get this particular position, though. I don't think students in a management program care one iota about EFA/CFA.

The interview went fairly well, except that when she asked me about my least favorite part of teaching I told the truth. I really didn't like busy-work for my students when I was teaching Intro to Psych.

There was a big push for "active learning" in my training as an instructor. I think active learning is great (think Socratic instruction and other methods of engaging students), but I think that
the tendency is for teachers to get lazy and assign busy work.


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